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Pricing is a complex process that must include distance traveled, time involved, personnel required, equipment employed, difficulty of access, and the humane capture, relocation, or proper disposal of wild animals according to applicable statutes and regulations of the states in which we operate; namely, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York.


In all cases we provide a discount to senior citizens and veterans.

Service Fee
Capture, removal, relocation or euthanasia of wild animals may vary according to distance and the statutes and regulations of the DEP (CT), DEM (RI), DEC (NY). In the event you are beyond the twenty mile radius of our home base in New London, Connecticut, a premium will apply.

Depending on the circumstances, additional charges may apply for interior trapping, ladder or roof work.

Exclusion work and repairs
Extensive exclusion work and repairs may be referred to local contractors or a contractor of your choice. We may provide an additional service of removing fecal matter, insulation or other damaged property or recommend a firm that specializes in such work. In every situation we agree to meet with your contractor at a mutually convenient time, and at no additional cost to you, in order to explain how the exclusion work or repairs should be accomplished.

Special permits
In some cases such as the capture of coyotes, foxes, fishers, beavers, geese, woodpeckers and flying squirrels a special permit may or will be required. The process may involve acquiring a federal permit, as well as a state permit, and we will work closely with you, and at no additional cost to receive the required permissions.

Emergency service
If emergency service is requested additional charges may apply. Those who require service after 5PM and before 9AM or on holidays will incur additional charges. We do not provide services for domestic animals.

In all cases, we will inform the customer at our initial meeting of all applicable charges.