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Broken wing

TIM MARTIN / The Day – 10/06/2009

4-month-old swan with a broken bone that was awaiting surger was rescued by Trapper Jon's Nuisance Wildlife Evictions
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Big Snake Parks Herself In New London Garage

Jenna Cho
Day Staff WriterThe Day – 08/12/2008

Bill Cornish's Gov. Winthrop parking garage is no pond or lake. There are no frogs or small vermin to consume there, only cars.
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Those Pesky Varmits!

Day Writer, The Day – 02/23/2007

...a family of skunks or bats moving into the house for a surprise winter residency has become a surprise and increasingly frequent local occurrence.
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Former Banker Chucks It All For Hometown And “Skunkin'”

Rick Koster
Arts reporter/columnist, The Day – 12/28/2005

It's a soggy, cold, miserable November morning — and Jonathan Horne, a nuisance wildlife trapper, couldn't be happier.
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Licenses & Certifications

CT DEP – Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator
Lic. No. N0684
Lic. No. N0627

RI DFW – Nuisance Wildlife Control Specialist
Lic. No 1814
Lic. No 2554

NY DEC – Nuisance Wildlife Control Operations

MA DFW – Trapper Education Program
and Supplemental Training
in use of Bailey and Hancock Traps


Animal Care Equipment & Services Inc. – Chemical Capture Training

Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator – Coyote & Fox Advanced Training

Fur Takers of America
Trapper Education Program

Integrated Goose Management Training Academy – Canada Goose Management

National Animal Control Association – Training Academy

Purdue University
The Professional Trappers College – Furbearer Management Short Course


New England Nuisance Wildlife Control Seminar

About us

trapper jonJonathan Horne has served as President of the Connecticut Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators Association and worked to organize and bring about changes to “professionalize” the industry and better serve the public. Grace Horne has received advanced education certificates in the handling of domestic animal problems in addition to advanced degrees in nuisance wildlife problem solving.

Both Jon and Grace are among the few skilled in the technique of controlling geese and the resulting problem of over population in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York.

graceMany newspaper articles have been written on our activities and may be accessed on the links to the left. In addition, television appearances have further educated the public on the methods and means of solving wild animal/human conflicts.

Over the years Jonathan became known as Trapper Jon. Grace is more affectionally known as Amazing Grace in that she is fearless in dealing with bats, snakes, raccoons, skunks, and other wild animals.

We look forward to working for you and solving your nuisance wildlife issues.